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An Overview of ABiC

ABiC™ performed with the iTrack™ surgical system is a minimally invasive canal-based glaucoma surgery that can effectively reduce IOP and eliminate or reduce the medication burden. Restorative and atraumatic, ABiC™ can be performed across the entire glaucoma disease process – and in conjunction with other treatments and MIGS options.

Treatment Tips and Pearls

Mastery of ABiC™ is as simple as mastery of angle-based surgery. During the procedure, proper trajectory of the paracentesis is essential to the success of the procedure.


Browse the online bibliography to review peer-review papers, articles, posters and book chapters for ABiC and Canaloplasty. The bibliography can be customized based on date, topic, publication, language and/or author.

Resource Center

Download a number of clinical and educational resources, including whitepapers and tech notes.

Physician Stories

Hear from your colleagues first-hand about how they have incorporated ABiC into clinical practice –  both as a standalone procedure, and in conjunction with other treatment options such as MIGS and SLT.

Community Portal

Our primary online resource for physicians. The community portal features patient education assets and other materials to help support your practice development efforts.

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