iTrack Surgical System

Based on the same principles as angioplasty, the iTrack™ surgical system enlarges your eye’s natural drainage system, improving outflow and lowering intraocular pressure. Featuring an illuminated, patented tip, the iTrack™ microcatheter can be continuously monitored once it is inserted into Schlemm’s canal.

The iTrack™ surgical system is used to perform ABiC™ and Canaloplasty.

"The success of ABiC, which requires threading of the iTrack catheter through the canal with micro-forceps, relies on the ability to receive real-time, tactile feedback of the health and patency of the canal. The iTrack provides this feedback. It also features a small gauge support wire, which provides enough strength to allow you to bypass tight areas within the canal. This, coupled with focal viscodilation, enables you to pass the iTrack beyond adhesions or other canal abnormalities."
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