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Expanding Treatment Possibilities with Laser Vitreolysis

In the past, vitrectomy has been commonly considered the gold standard for the treatment of debilitating floater symptoms, but the risk of complications means that it may not be suitable for all patients.


SLT: A Comprehensive Solution for Glaucoma

This whitepaper highlights the role of SLT across the glaucoma disease process, including its utility as a first-line treatment option.


The Duality of SLT in Glaucoma

Read a whitepaper addressing the dual role of SLT as both a diagnostic aid and as a highly effective first-line treatment option.


The Clinical Impact of Floaters

Whether patients with symptomatic floaters should be offered treatment or told to “carry on regardless” continues to be debated. Read the whitepaper to learn more.


Reflex Technology™ for Anterior and Posterior

Read a whitepaper about the transformative role of Reflex technology™ for anterior and posterior YAG treatments.


2RT: Rejuvenating Bruch's Membrane

The deterioration of transport processes across Bruch’s membrane has been implicated in development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This whitepaper by John Marshall, PhD, FRCPath FMedSci, addresses the potential of Ellex 2RT to improve Bruch’s membrane function and delay the development of the disease.

Laser Vitreolysis: A Retinal Specialist's Viewpoint

In this supplement to Retina Today, Chirag P. Shah, MD, MPH addresses his pivotal trial into the safety and efficacy of laser vitreolysis.


Roundtable Discussion: ABiC™ with iTrack™

Featured in Glaucoma Today, this roundtable discusses the benefits of iTrack™ in targeting multiple sources of outflow resistance.


Restoration of Outflow Pathways with iTrack

David Lubeck, MD discusses the role of ABiC in conjunction with SLT and MIGS.


2RT: Taking the Heat out of Retinal Laser Therapy

Beyond nutritional supplements, there’s no intervention that can be made that can affect the course of AMD – only in late diseases,when vision has been impaired. Read an article by Australian retinal specialist Wilson Heriot, MD, PhD, which addresses the role of 2RT Retinal Rejuvenation in the early stages of AMD.

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