Minimize glaucoma pressure.
Maximize relief.

A simple three-step procedure, ABiC™ can reduce the elevated intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma. It can also free you from the financial and lifestyle burdens of glaucoma medications.

Restore the outflow pathway.

Unlike other glaucoma treatments that bypass the eye’s natural drainage channel, or act to mechanically change it, ABiC™ restores the eyes’s natural outflow pathways.

Take control of your glaucoma.

ABiC™ is an excellent fit for glaucoma patients who are frustrated with the level of effectiveness of their medications, but are not ready for traditional surgery.

iTrack. Blink and you won’t miss it.

A breakthrough in microcatheter technology, iTrack™ uses the same principles of angioplasty to enlarge your eye’s natural drainage pathway in the treatment of glaucoma.

Find a Physician

Use the online directory to connect with an iTrack™ physician in your area to find out if you are a candidate for ABiC™.